Stop spreading foolishness !!!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I don't understand these annoying, disgusting and meaningless rules,regulations and restrictions of our so called society. Are they blind? Or dumb? Why someone will suffer for her husband's death? Why they can't live their life as they were living before?

Once a teacher of mine forgot to wear watch and he noticed it while he was teaching us. And then he used a line which was like "jis din ghari ni pehente...uss din musmaat(widow) jaisa haath lgta h". It took 2 mins. and a friend's help to understand that sentence. Like, how and why will someone use this type of sentence? What does that even mean? Every widow's hand looks ugly? And every other women have beautiful hands? Ughhh!!!! These kinda meaningless thinking really freaks me out. Murderers and rapists are freely roaming around all over and living their life without any restrictions but not widows. Why? They are not at all responsible for their husband's death.

So let them live their life in whatever way they like,without any restrictions and criticism. It's a request to u all🙏

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