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Human Beings are the real treasure but men are the precious gold coin of that treasure. They go through a hell lot on a daily basis without letting anyone know about their mental pressure. They are best at hiding emotions. But it doesn't work  that way. Every human has emotion and every emotion needs to be heard, shown and respected. Otherwise, at certain point it will burst out and then leave us all with regret, regret, only and only regret. They have so much of shit to deal with.

We all have to make this world a cozy place for men so that they can share their heart out without having any fear of being judged.

It's high time to have a eye on the shits men are dealing with. And yeah, men also have to stand against the stereotypes of #mendonotcry. Let your closed ones know ...what's hurting you, holding tears will not make you strong, it will only make u an escapist-who just run away from the unpleasant reality. Let it go. Everything will be fine at the end. Share your problems, dreams, fears and whatever u want to because that will give u so much of relief and u will eventually find a way out.

Let's come together and support each other irrespective of gender. Every human needs to be loved and pampered💕🖤

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