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What we do?

Notes On Fire, provides you the best possible notes available from sources like NPTEL, Gate Academy, College Lectures, GeeksForGeeks etc., 

                                           To ensure that "No more backlogs in Engineering."

The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see.

                                                                                      ~Alexandra K. Trenfor


About Us!

We all are college students as you!
                                                      We realize that in engineering there is scarcity of notes due to which we suffers a lot, that leads to the birth of this website. We as a college group students started this to help other students(s) to over come from this problem and we all know that our education system always leaves some of the modules in every semester.
We all are students of Computer Science & Engineering started a mission "To reduce backlogs in engineering."



 Computer Science





Meet the Team

Avinash Kumar

Engineer by qualification, Designer by choice. His innovative idea leads to the birth of the website.

Abhishek Rawe

Engineer by qualification, Full-stack developer by choice, He is passionate about his work whatever he do, do with perfection.

Sejal Sumi

Engineering by qualification, Front end developer by choice, She's believes in smart work rather than hard work. 

Aman Senpai

Engineer by qualification, Full-time Linux user, having a good sense of humor with great managing skill.

We are committed in an environment which innovates us daily and provides you the best possible solution.

The team strength is different people with different perspective.

~ Steve Case


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